Events at George Watson’s College are an integral part of our school. We hope that this stream will allow more people to enjoy our events and continue to bring us together to enjoy important events in our school calendar.



Event:          Twilight Talk: A View on the Economic Impact of the Pandemic         
Speaker:     Steven Jolly, Deputy Head of Corporate Banking, Scotland, HSBC
Date:            Tuesday 23rd February 
Time:           6pm - 7pm GMT
Format:      Webinar



We are delighted to be joined for our first Twilight Talk of 2021 by fellow parent, Steven Jolly, Deputy Head of Corporate Banking for HSBC, Scotland.  Steven's talk will be an informal discussion on how the pandemic has affected the UK economy and what the current outlook is, with a particular focus on factors which may impact independent schools. 

To register for this event, please use the link below:

A View on the Economic Impact of the Pandemic with Steven Jolly, Deputy Head of Corporate Banking, Scotland, HSBC.




Event:        Building Confidence to Thrive
Speaker:   Emma Bell
Date:          Tuesday 15th March 
Time:         4pm - 5pm
Format:    Webinar


Our final part in this six part series on 'Resilience'.   During this session Emma will discover the key components of confidence and how to leverage each to develop that elusive quality, whatever life throws at you. You’ll leave with practical strategies to apply immediately so you have the confidence to thrive.

To register for this event, please use the link below:

Building Confidence to Thrive with Emma Bell


Event:         The Legacy of George Watson
Speaker:    Invited guest speakers, pupils and staff of George Watson's College
Date:            Tuesday 30th March
Time:           7pm - 8.30pm
Format:      Webinar




This symposium will examine the historical legacy of George Watson whose financial legacy, left on his death in 1723 to the stewardship of the Merchant Company of Edinburgh, made possible the foundation of George Watson’s Hospital in 1742.

It is now clear that Watson was involved in financing at least one ship which he intended should participate in the transatlantic trade in enslaved African people. This fact, along with other aspects of his business practices, raise urgent and important questions about the veneration that George Watson’s memory has traditionally received.

We will aim to understand the historical facts that are now apparent in the context of the Edinburgh of Watson’s day, of Scotland’s involvement in the slave trade and of the slave trade generally. We will ask what George Watson’s legacy means to us today and how we should acknowledge it now and in the future.

Speakers/contributors to include:

  • Sir Tom Devine, Historian and author
  • Sir Geoff Palmer, Professor Emeritus in the School of Life Sciences, Heriott-Watt University and human rights activist
  • Melanie Newton, Associate Professor of History, University of Toronto
  • Dr Hugh Ouston, Author of George Watson’s entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 
  • Mr Bobby Chaudhry, Head of History, George Watson’s College 
  • Mr Tom Bennet, Archive Officer, George Watson’s College
  • Pupils of George Watson’s College


  • Mr Melvyn Roffe, Principal of George Watson's College

To register for this event, please use the link below:

The Legacy of George Watson, Tuesday 30th March