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Event:       Twilight Talk with Changing Faces
Date:          Tuesday 18th May 2021
Time:         6pm - 7pm
Format:    Webinar


We are delighted to welcome one of our charity partners, Changing Faces, to May's Twilight Talk. Angela Harris and Susan Ross will be joining us to discuss Visible Difference, about what it is and how they challenge misconceptions. They will also talk about how we can support those affected. Rory McGuire, a Changing Faces campaigner, will be joining the discussion to talk about living with a visible difference and what this has meant for his life.

The week of the 17th May is a particularly special week as it's 'Face Equality Week' with this years theme being Education. Changing Faces will be launching school resources later this year which George Watson's College are proud to be piloting.

Please click the link below to register for this event;

Twilight Talk with Changing Faces Registration