Ex Corde Caritas: Love from the Heart 

Our school’s motto is ex corde caritas, which means  “love from the heart”. 

This reflects Watson’s original charitable foundation and underpins our support programme for charities, both near and far. 

We fundraise for a number of charitable organisations who demonstrate positive impact upon those they help, and where such support can be used towards building sustainable solutions.   

Over the last 10 years, our community at Watson’s has raised nearly £308,000 for dozens of charities. 

How do we decide who to support?

We have three types of charity partnerships. These are: 

  • Permanently supported charities including those which provide disaster relief 
  • Strategic partner charities who align with our overall approach to community engagement, defined through our Project 810
  • Annual partnerships which offer support to a wide range of organisations, which are assessed each year via our charities board 

Both our pupils and staff are involved in the selecting charities we support, and our Deputy School Captains sit on the school’s charities board, which reviews our approach, formally, and is chaired by our principal, Melvyn Roffe.  

Who are we supporting this year?  

We’re supporting  Children in Need, Friends of Chernobyl, My Name'5 Doddie Foundation, Open Book and Sporting Start                      

We also have long-standing relationships with Unicef, the Watson's Malawi Partnership, Eric Liddell Centre and the George Watson’s Family Foundation.

Close to home, we’ve been supporting Drum Riding School for the Disabled, Lady Haig's Poppy Factory, and Social Bite.

Something for everyone to get involved in 

Whether it’s fashion shows, ceilidhs and concerts, toy fairs, sports days or food bank collections, there are lots of ways our community can get involved and support others. 

We’ve got Wee Watson’s Sleep Outs, selling (and wearing) hats, cool Christmas jumpers, and so much more, too. 

Our annual Charities’ Day is a Watson’s tradition. Free from uniform for the day, the Watson’s community is able to enjoy lots of fun whilst raising plenty of money at the same time. 

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