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Project 810

Mission Statement

Project 810 provides opportunities for all George Watson’s College pupils to make a difference by acquiring new skills and understanding so they can confidently build a fairer, sustainable, and kinder world.

A new way of conceiving things

Project 810 builds on our work as a Rights Respecting School and puts pupil voice, agency and leadership at its centre, focusing our energies on three strands: action for fairer communities, action for environmental sustainability, and action for global understanding. Project 810 is both inward and outward facing, knowing our mission to build a fairer, sustainable and kinder world starts at home. We are working hard so that every individual realises their responsibility and potential in affecting meaningful and lasting cultural change so we are greener, wholly accepting of others and ourselves, and strive to dismantle barriers to achieve equity for all. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to make George Watson’s College Scotland’s greenest school by 2030, expand reciprocal partnerships in Edinburgh to address existing inequalities, envision a dynamic programme of service learning for every year group and ensure our pupils leave us as internationally-minded global citizens, ready for the challenges and complexities of the 21st century.

Project 810 Summer Update