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Fees and Financial Support


Fees are reviewed annually in June for the following session.

Fees for Session 2022/23
Preschool     £10,392 (includes lunch) (£3,464 per term)
Primary 1 & Primary 2 £9,435 (£3,145 per term)
Primary 3 to Primary 5 £11,373 (£3,791 per term)
Primary 6 & Primary 7 £11,487 (£3,829)
Senior School £14,634 (£4,878 per term)

Financial Assistance 

George Watson’s College aims to be an inclusive and welcoming environment in which children and young people from a wide range of backgrounds can learn, grow and thrive.

We are pleased to be able to offer the following forms of financial support to help parents and carers who wish their children to join our school.

Financial Assistance for Parents Scheme (FAP)

We recognise that the payment of independent school fees can be a daunting prospect for many parents and, in addition to the award of Foundation Places, we are also able to support a small number of families every year whose household income is above £30,000 (before tax) through the FAP scheme. Financial support is available for pupils in Primary 6 upwards and is calculated on a sliding scale depending on income. The maximum award under the FAP scheme is 75% of school fees. The funds available through the FAP scheme are limited and not all families who apply will be successful in receiving support.

The FAP scheme is funded from school fee income. Although additional support for activities and other costs of school life are not automatically available to pupils benefiting from the FAPS scheme, other discretionary support can be available for specific activities, trips and visits through the George Watson’s Family Foundation.

Academic and Music Scholarships

Our scholarship scheme has traditionally recognised a small number of pupils who perform particularly well in the S1 Entrance Assessment. Our approach to these scholarships for 2022 is currently under review.

Applicants for entry to Senior School can apply for the Ferguson and Bruce Music Scholarships which provide free annual music tuition on two instruments, or for voice and an instrument. These scholarships are available irrespective of household income and the award is made initially for three years. Subsequently, the award depends on progression during S1 to S3 and commitment to studying Music at Watson’s.

More Information

If you would like an informal chat about the FAP scheme or scholarships, please call Admissions on 0131 446 6005. 

Foundation Places

Foundation Places are available to pupils joining us in year groups from Primary 6 upwards and are intended to provide life-changing opportunities for children and young people from families with little or no previous experience of independent education.

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