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Our Mission, Values and Vision

Share in our Mission, Values and Vision

Our Mission

George Watson’s College exists to provide a world-class education for children and young people from Preschool to S6. We encourage our pupils to develop a love of real learning through an inspiring curriculum and extensive and inclusive Enrichment programmes.

George Watson’s College is an extraordinary school community full of outstanding young people and members of staff. We have excellent buildings and fantastic facilities but it is the people who make our school what it is and who enable us to be as successful as we are.

Our Values

At Watson’s we share a simple set of core values which we try to ensure runs through everything we do.
Our Values - Respect All, Be Kind, Join In, Aim High, Challenge Yourself, Care for Others - Ex Corde Caritas
  • Aim High: We are ambitious for ourselves and others, always seeking to be the best we can be as individuals and as a school.
  • Join In: We are inclusive in what we do and how we do it, we want our pupils to feel confident in taking part and contributing in all aspects of school life and we play an active part in the life of our wider community.
  • Respect All: Everyone is different and we celebrate that difference in everyone, respecting them and the unique contribution that they will make to our world.
  • Be Kind: Our Motto is Ex Corde Caritas “Love from the Heart” and we aspire to live up to that motto every day.


Our Vision

We challenge and support our pupils to discover their own potential. We nurture the knowledge, skills and confidence they will need to become engaged and successful citizens and make their own unique contribution to the world. We are proud of our heritage and passionate about our plans for the future, including our commitment to making George Watson’s College a truly environmentally sustainable school.

George Watson's College exists to help prepare children and young people for their future lives and to enable them to make a positive impact on the world.

The school therefore has a duty to do everything possible to promote the sustainability of the planet and to ensure that pupils are well prepared to take leadership in the management of the environment in the future.