Watson's Takes Model UN to Primary Schools

Watson's Takes Model UN to Primary Schools

Published on 4 December 2017

GWC MUN team standing holding UN flag

Scotland’s first ever Model UN Conference for Primary Schools took place on Thursday 30 November at Broomhall House, the home of Lord Bruce in Limekilns, Fife. 

In recognition of the School's long-term experience and expertise in running Model UN Conferences, we were approached by UN House, Edinburgh, to provide the content for the day’s activities, as well as six mentors for the Primary pupils. The event was an unequivocal success and it is hoped we will continue to offer this capacity-building experience through our seasoned senior Model UN pupils.

Heather Warwick, Trudy Ross, Niki Saberi Oskoui (all S5), and Innes Dundas, Ethan Stewart, and Julia Ocytko (all S6) were excellent representatives of the School. Lord Bruce, who hosted the event, stated he was "bowled over by the understated professionalism of the model session and the effect it seemed to have on the Primary 7 attendees." 

Special thanks go to Mr Rob Crawford (former staff), who brought MUN to GWC and accompanied the group to Fife.