Swimming Success at Edinburgh & Midlothian Schools Championships

Swimming Success at Edinburgh & Midlothian Schools Championships

Published on 19 November 2018

This year's Edinburgh and Midlothian Schools Swimming Championships took place at Ainslie Park Leisure Centre and it was another highly successful day for our swimmers. Overall we went away with 65 medals from the day – an outstanding day's swimming.

It was a magnificent achievement and all the swimmers on the day should be proud of their efforts; many others in the more than 60+ strong team achieved personal bests and finished just outside the medals.


Gold (25)

U11 Boys 50m Free - James Burnett (P7)
U11 Boys 50m Fly - James Burnett
U11 Girls 4x50m Free Relay - Molly Budgen, Ruby McGill, Corinn Rennie, Holly Thorley (all P7)
U11 Boys 4x50m Free Relay - Murray Lamb (S1), Patrick Barnes (P7), Finlay Blackstock (P7), James Burnett

12/13 Boys 200m Breast - Jamie Jardine (S2)
12/13 Boys 100m Breast - Jamie Jardine
12/13 Girls 100m Back - Rachel Saunders (S3)
12/13 Girls 200m Back - Rachel Saunders

14/15 Boys 100m Fly - Jason English (S4)
14/15 100m Back - Joshua Aspinall (S4)

14/15 Boys 200m Breast - Daniel Saunders (S4)
12/13 Girls 4x50m Free Relay - Rachel Saunders, Kate Carruthers (S1), Alice Mackie (S1), Lauren Birrell (S2)
14/15 Boys 4x50m Free Relay - Joshua Aspinall, Daniel Saunders, Jack McGill (S3), Finlay Scott (S4)

Silver (18)

U11 Girls 50m Back - Holly Thorley

U11 Boys 50m Fly - Murray Lamb
U11 Boys 4x50m Free Relay - Ewan Johnston, Luca Anderson (both P6), Gavin McIntosh, Joshua Stephen (both P7)
12/13 Girls 100m Free - Kate Carruthers

12/13 Girls 200m IM - Sarah McNaughton (S1)
12/13 Boys 200m IM - James English (S2)
12/13 Boys 100m Breast - James English
12/13 Boys 200m Back - Jack Brown (S2)

12/13 Boys 100m Free - Kian Hampson Bahia (S2)

14/15 Girls 100m Free - Kiera Rennie (S3)
14/15 Girls 200m Free - Kiera Rennie
14/15 Boys 100m Free - Finlay Scott
14/15 Boys 200m Free - Finlay Scott
14/15 Boys 200m Fly - Jason English

16/18 Girls 200m Free - Sarah Fyffe (S5)

Bronze (22)

U11 Boys 50m Free - Murray Lamb
U11 Girls 4x50m Free Relay - Isabella Poots, Fern Graham, Anna Scott, Emmy Garland (all P7)

12/13 Girls 200m Free - Darcy Littlefield (S1)
14/15 Girls 200m Fly - Mary Mackie (S4)
14/15 Girls 100m Fly - Mary Mackie
14/15 Boys 200m Fly - Gabriel Quinn (S3)
14/15 Boys 100m Breast - Gabriel Quinn
14/15 200m IM - Jack McGill (S3)
14/15 200m Free - Jack McGill
14/15 Girls 100m Breast - Grace Robertson (S4)
14/15 Girls 200m Back - Ella Wood (S4)
14/15 Boys 200m Back - Joshua Aspinall
14/15 Boys 100m Fly - Alasdair Peterson (S4)

16/18 Boys 200m Free - Lewis Birrell (S6)

Boys 400m Free - Daniel Saunders

Womens Open 4x50m Free Relay - Sally Jack, Sarah Fyffe (both S5), Ellie Douglas,  Annabel Innes (both S6)