SQA Results 2018

SQA Results 2018

Published on 7 August 2018

We are delighted to reveal that pupils at George Watson’s College have secured examination results which are amongst our best ever.

Following their release by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), today (7 August 2018), this year’s results show an increase in A-C pass rates at all examination levels. This makes this year’s pupil results our most successful since the introduction of National 4 and 5 qualifications in 2014.

Pupils also secured an average increase of 2.3% rise at grades A & B across all examination levels.

Some of our key highlights this year include:

  • A year on year raise in A to C pass rates at all examination levels
  • Includes an 98% pass rate at Advanced Higher
  • 4.2% rise in grades A & B at S5 Higher
  • 5.2% rise in grades A & B at S5 & S6 Higher
  • 20 out of 23 subjects at Advanced Higher secured a 100% A-C pass rate
  • Over 95% pass rate at Nat 5

These impressive results are underpinned by our open presentation policy. This means we encourage pupils to enter subjects they are inspired by. That freedom of choice is a vital part of our School’s ethos.

Our Principal, Melvyn Roffe warmly welcomed today’s news.

“We are absolutely delighted to learn that our pupils have delivered such a stellar set of results,” he said.

“To have an across the board rise in pass rates reflects how hard they have worked. 

“I also want to pay tribute to our staff, who have – as always – gone above and beyond for our pupils. They have delivered demanding course programmes with imagination, flair and considerable thought for the learning needs of their pupils. Their skill and professionalism shines through in such a consistent set of results.

“These results reflect incredible hard work from many people, but they also shine a light on our open policy towards examination presentations.

“Pupils are encouraged to make their own choices about which subjects to sit and we do not block them for going forward to examinations.

“That freedom is a vital part of our ethos. It also means that the results are a genuine reflection of both the work of all involved, but also what our pupils want to do. It defines who we are.

Mr Roffe also took the opportunity to send a message of congratulations and support to pupils receiving results, regardless of outcome.

“I want to congratulate all of you receiving results today,” he said. “I do hope you have the grades you aspired to achieve.

“For those of you who are disappointed please do not be disheartened. Such results are never the end of the road, only the next step along the way. Be assured that our staff will be on hand to give you all the support you need and we will go forward together.

“If your results are positive then enjoy the moment, because you’ve earned it. You should be rightly proud that your determination, effort and talent has shone through and been rewarded accordingly.

“Of course, the hard work must, and will, continue whether you are returning to School this session, or heading on to further education or employment. We must always be ready for the next challenge.”

Key statistics for our 2017/18 session examination diet:

Pass rates A-C including year on year comparison

National 5:                  95.1%              +0.3%

S5 Higher:                    94.5%              +2.3%

S5 & S6 Higher:          93.1%              +2.6%

Advanced Higher:     97.6%              +3.1%

Pass rates A-B including year on year comparison

National 5:                 86.7%              +0.9%

S5 Higher:                   83.0%              +4.2%

S5&S6 Higher:           80.0%              +5.2%

Advanced Higher:     81.4%              -1.0%

In total 3,382 SQA exam presentations were made.

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