S1 debating winners argue a tough case for a meat-free Scotland

S1 debating winners argue a tough case for a meat-free Scotland

Published on 16 December 2019

On Thursday 12 December, the final of the S1 Debating Competition took place. In front of their peers, two teams of debaters argued for and against the proposition that ‘This House would make Scotland meat-free by 2025.’

All S1 English classes have been debating over the last fortnight, culminating in semi-finals last week, with the top four pairs given a chance to speak in the final. The semi-final motions were: ‘This House believes that parents should be allowed to access their child's social media accounts’ and, very topically, ‘This House would make Scotland independent.’

The finalists made their case in front of the year group and a panel of judges, keeping to time and accepting and rebutting points of information from the opposing team. 

Salient points were made by both sides of the debate, with those against banning meat consumption by 2025 citing health reasons and concerns over the livelihood of farmers as reasons to oppose a ban. On the other side, the winning team also cited health concerns around meat, animal welfare and climate change for reasons to support a ban. 

Whilst the judging was underway, members of the S1 audience were invited to present their own arguments on the topic, which were delivered eloquently and maturely. 

The panel decision was returned and the S1 Debating trophy was presented to Callum, Charlotte, and Flynn for the proposition, who argued for a ban on meat by 2025.