Peter Singer virtual visit

Peter Singer virtual visit

Published on 29 March 2021

On 25 March, world-renowned moral philosopher Dr Peter Singer joined our Higher and Advanced Higher Religion and Philosophy pupils via our online platform, GWC Plus

Dr Singer was the last in a series of notable speakers including David Ferguson, Dean of the Divinity School at The University of Edinburgh, and the Archbishop of Edinburgh and St Andrews.

Pupils took the opportunity to ask Dr Singer a variety of questions related to their study of the philosophical theory of Utilitarianism, in preparation for the upcoming SQA examinations in the subject. 

Dr Singer answered questions and covered a variety of the most common discussion points and criticisms around Utilitarian philosophy, his answers will no doubt provide valuable insight for our pupils.

James Burt, Head of Religion and Philosophy, said: "This really was a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to ask the world's most recognisable moral philosopher questions relating to their study of Higher and Advanced Higher Religion and Philosophy.

“It was also an invaluable opportunity to consider the wider, and much more important, question of what living a truly ethical life requires of us. 

“Dr Singer challenges our society's assumptions, and our pupils and staff were rightly excited to be able to discuss hedonistic act utilitarianism and its implications with the position's foremost proponent."

To close, Principal Melvyn Roffe thanked Dr Singer for his time and also stressed the importance of independent thought, and the ability of our young people to engage in discussions about morality in the future.

These skills will be essential in encouraging our pupils to take the aims of our Project 810, to make our world fairer, sustainable and kinder, out into the world of work and beyond.