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Unveiling our Junior School Mural

Mural 7 opening
  • Junior School

This morning a fabulous new ‘welcome’ mural was unveiled in the John Martin building by Principal, Melvyn Roffe and Head of Junior School, George Salmond.

The artwork, which stands pride of place in the reception area of our Upper Primary, is the result of seven pupils’ creativity, inspiration and dedication, nurtured by Honorary Heritage Officer, Catherine Stratford. 

The former P7s - Alex, Amnah, Cate, Devon, Freya, James, Maria - were tasked by Mr Salmond to create a special piece that welcomed all visitors to the Watson’s community. The mural could have taken a variety of approaches but the self-titled ‘Mural 7’ group agreed that they wanted the piece to document the school’s history, success and inclusivity. Current pupil Alex explained: 

“We decided that we wanted to have a 'class photo' of a group of Watson's pupils, past and present, grinning out at everyone, welcoming them to our school. We decided that we wanted photos of people when they were about our age - between 10-12 years old.”

James continued: “there’s also a mirror figure, so that anyone could see themselves as part of that family. We wanted this figure to be reachable, so that even if you were quite young and short, you would be able to see yourself. We didn’t quite expect 8 foot tall visitors to be able to see themselves too!”

The mural is located next to the large steps which are commonly used for lessons, lectures and informal concerts. The pupils in the ‘Mural 7’ loved the concept that the ‘featured Watsonians’ will always be watching over them, whether they are singing, listening or discussing educational topics. Freya mentioned:

“We wanted this mural to be where the past, present and future meet. It’s there in the School motto, Ex Corde Caritas - Love from the Heart, which is also hidden in the mural.”

With the school ethos cited in the artwork, the group agreed the motto was akin to a “secret but special message from all past pupils to all the future pupils who will see the piece.”

Pupils are quietly but rightfully proud of themselves for bringing the mural to fruition, overcoming various hurdles along the way. The ‘Mural 7’ are grateful to Ms Stratford, Mr Salmond and the designers from Promote Your School for allowing the Watson’s community message to come to life in the heart of Junior School.

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