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Unveiling our Captains’ Time Capsule

Unveiling our Captains’ Time Capsule
  • Senior School

At the beginning of the academic year, our School Captains compiled a time capsule for the year ahead. In it, they wrote their goals for the session, thinking about what they would like to achieve or see develop within various parts of the Senior School. You can view the original video here.

With the end of term only a day away, the time has come to unveil those ambitions and see if our Captains’ hopes have come to fruition…


Azi (School Captain)

This year I would like to introduce a reflection room for Ramadan 

I am delighted that this proposal has been fulfilled and Watson’s now has a reflection room for the month of Ramadan. To ensure this idea materialised, I worked with the Senior Leadership Team and the Drama Department to create a space for Muslims to pray during the period of Ramadan. This went very well as pupils from all year groups came along and I am pleased that this space will continue to be available for pupils in years to come.


Kate (Deputy School Captain)

This session I would like to see better communication between the year groups and hopefully create a Pupil Parliament 

I think we should be immensely proud of the year groups have integrated this year - the pupil body has felt like a real community with a shared sense of purpose and ambition. We held two Pupil Parliaments over the course of the session, getting input from representatives from all year groups in the Senior School about relevant issues and affairs. We were able to ‘action’ these matters to ensure pupils would benefit from proposed changes and developments - not just now, but also in the future.


Megan (School Captain)

At the end of the academic year, I would like to have created better relationships between the Junior School and the Senior School 

Cultivating relationships across the school community is always a top priority and I am pleased that this year, we have built on this. The 2022/2023 session saw us host our first ever Foundation Day - a full day of activities and formal gatherings that celebrated the values of our diverse school community. As part of this, year groups from both the Junior and Senior Schools collaborated to learn about the school's history, creating a sense of togetherness and shared values as Watsonians, irrespective of age and year group.


Farhan (Deputy School Captain)

Over the course of the year, I would like to make changes in the Pupil Council that will benefit the school as a whole and improve the ‘pupil voice’ 

This session we were thrilled to be re-accredited as a Gold Rights Respecting School, in which the Pupil Council played a key role. A lot of preparation went into this to ensure we accurately ‘showcased’ the school, confirming Children’s Rights are continuously embedded across the school’s policy, practice and ethos. On top of this, the Pupil Council held regular meetings with representatives from all year groups to achieve our campaign for this session and I am delighted that everyone’s commitment and contribution has meant that the ‘pupil voice’ has gone from strength to strength.

As our four Captains prepare to leave the gates of Colinton Road for the last time as pupils, it is safe to say, they have met their goals and ambitions as Office Bearers this session. They have been an exemplary asset to the school and we would like to thank them for their time, commitment, energy and of course, positivity this year.  

Ex Corde Caritas.