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The Festival of Nine Lessons 2023

  • Senior School

The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at St Giles’ Cathedral is always one of the most memorable events of the school calendar and this year was no exception! 

The buzz leading up to Watson's annual carol service at St Giles’ starts as soon as the October break ends, when pupils return, ready to sing Christmas carols and begin getting organised for the busy period of preparation that is to come. S6s start to audition for the Once in Royal David’s City solo, and new faces appear at rehearsals as more and more people join College Chorus to sing an array of much loved Christmas carols. 

Singing in the various choirs at Watson’s has been one of my favourite activities throughout my time here as it has helped me make many new friends - the sense of community that comes from performing alongside others is unmatched. 

The preparation for St Giles’ is intense, with many people having several rehearsals a week, but the enjoyment and fun to be had keeps people coming back year after year. The service at St Giles’ has been the highlight of my year since S1, and I can still very much remember the awe that I felt during my very first year - seeing the older pupils come together to sing (what, at the time, seemed like millions of) beautiful carols, not to mention experiencing an S6 pupil performing the solo in Once in Royal David’s City. Not for one second did I believe that, one day, it’d be me standing there. 

It breaks my heart that this is my last year singing with the school choir in St Giles’. However, one of the most exciting aspects of the service is seeing the former pupils return and having the opportunity to catch up with them. It’s always a joy to see familiar faces from years past and proves what a wonderful sense of community Watson’s offers, for current and former pupils alike. 

Sofia (S6)
Senior Chorister

  • Music