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SQA Results

Exam Results 2020

This year's SQA results will be recalculated In the light of the statement by the Deputy First Minister this afternoon. Updated data will be posted here as soon as available.

Pupils at George Watson’s College have been celebrating the achievement of some excellent grades as announced yesterday by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Over 85% of all grades awarded to pupils for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications were top grades (A and B) in S4, S5 and S6 respectively.

Principal, Melvyn Roffe said: “The COVID-19 pandemic meant that the examinations could not take place as usual and so it is difficult to make valid comparisons with grades from previous years. However, we were delighted that our view of the potential of our pupils was overwhelmingly vindicated by the awarding process and that as a result, the vast majority will be able to progress to the next stage of their careers with confidence.”

Head of Senior School, Gordon Boyd added: “We are working to support pupils whose grades may have been lower than expected. It may be that there is a case to appeal the result where it differs significantly from our view of the pupil’s performance. Our focus is always on helping young people to find the best way forward for them - and the extraordinary circumstances of the last few months make that approach all the more important this year.”

Given the unique nature of this session's assessment process, these data should be considered provisional and confirmed figures will be added to our website on the conclusion of the SQA post-results service.

  • 95.7% National 5 pass rate A-C 
  • 89.6% S6 Higher A-C pass rate
  • 93% A-C pass rate at Advanced Higher, including an 85% A-B rate

Key statistics for our 2019/20 session results:

In total 3,374 SQA exam presentations were made.

Pass rates A-C

National 5:   95.7%          

S5 Higher:    92.8%         

S6 Higher:    89.6%          

Advanced Higher:   93.9%          

Pass rates A-B 

National 5:   88.4%          

S5 Higher:    85.6%          

S6 Higher:    71.5%          

Advanced Higher:  85.0%       

  • Senior School