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Spotlight On: Fashion Design

  • Senior School

Up next in our Art Spotlight series, we have Design pupil, Ruby (S6) who has taken her interest in fashion to the next level this year:


“Despite the fact that I have always been interested in fashion, this is my first year creating a proper collection with fully functional garments. My style is minimalist, due to the use of neutral colour, yet it is also experimental, with a large array of textures throughout. 

My collection within our upcoming exhibition is inspired by mushrooms, and the many different forms and textures created by fungi. This collection consists of three garments, which create three different outfits. Each of these garments was created using different techniques, allowing them to be unique, yet they remain linked through the fabrics and colours that are used for all of them. I have prioritised texture over colour, allowing the pieces to not become too busy and overbearing. 

RSD Trousers

For this collection, I was hugely inspired by the designer Issey Miyake, who is known for using pleats throughout most of his designs, to both enhance functionality as well as making the designs visually appealing. Overall, I hope that what I have made is eye-catching, with the techniques used working together harmoniously. 

With that, at university I am going to study Journalism, with the aim to become a fashion journalist. Although my course isn’t directly related to fashion, I hope to keep designing and creating throughout my time at university.”

Join us on Friday 19 April for our 2024 Senior Art Exhibition from 5pm-7pm. Please note, parents are to purchase free tickets via the Parents Digest.

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