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Sports Reporting

Pupils interviewing an athlete during School Sports Day
  • Senior School

At the end of the Summer Term, we piloted a Sports Reporting initiative which offered three budding broadcasters the chance to report on important sporting events throughout the academic year - the biggest event being Senior School Sports Day in June.

Keir (S5), Alex (S4) and Alfie (S4) took to the screen and created a superb piece of journalism which involved interviewing winners, key staff and spectators whilst also documenting significant ‘on pitch’ action, from high jump to track running. 

Keir and Alfie presented with Alex operating the camera and sound equipment. As a group, the pupils coordinated their way round the grandstand, collating some top footage that could rival the sports bulletins on the BBC or ITV!

To view the first Sports Day Report, click the video below.

  • Sports
Sports Day Reporting with Keir, Alex and Alfie