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Pupils plant crocus bulbs to commemorate events of 2020

Pupils planting Crocus bulbs

For many, spring flowers signify the start of new beginnings and the start of brighter days returning after winter. 

This week our pupils from Preschool to Senior 6 have been planting crocus bulbs on the front pitch. Every pupil, and staff member, has had the opportunity to plant a bulb and make a contribution. 

The planting of these bulbs is a way to commemorate the events of 2020, and all the challenges that the year has brought with it.

The crocus bulbs are due to bloom in March 2021, marking a year since our school was closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, by that time, lighter and more carefree days will have returned.

Kate Wilson, Junior School Deputy Head, said: “The sudden and dramatic change of lockdown felt like Autumn and Winter all rolled into one!  A river of crocuses in full bloom will not only signify the coming of spring but of new hope. It will remind us that as no season lasts forever neither do the trials and tribulations of life!

“There are always ups and downs on the river of life but working together as a team to support each other, to try new ways of doing things and to look for new opportunities even when things feel bleak.

“Undertaking a whole school activity together builds community spirit which also helps to build resilience.”

Dave Pyper, Head of Outdoor Learning, said: “During lockdown in Spring 2020 many people found a new appreciation for their local environment and open spaces as places to support their health and well-being. 

“There has been much discussion about the importance of reconnecting with nature.

“A vibrant splash of spring colour from the crocus bulbs planted by pupils and staff will long serve as a reminder that community and nature are two enduring sources of inspiration in our lives.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our pupils and staff a happy and restful October break.

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