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Our Final Spotlight Artist

Our Final Spotlight Artist
  • Senior School

Our final spotlight profile is on artist, Roselle (S6) who took inspiration from her faith in order to create her brilliantly compelling pieces:


“I have enjoyed creating art all my life. I admire the work of the Italian seventeenth century artist, Artemisia Gentileschi. I particularly admire her as an early ‘feminist’ icon and I find the way she transgressed traditional gender stereotypes (with her realistic portraits of biblical heroines) inspirational. My own work echoes Gentileschi’s in my use of religious subject matter, dramatic lighting and realistic painting style. 

My recent artwork is inspired by my faith. I have depicted myself experiencing the inner peace I enjoy through prayer. My artwork seeks to communicate the hope and positivity of Christian beliefs (which are widely misunderstood in today’s society). I deliberately portrayed myself in a vulnerable and sensitive way, revealing a relatable humanity in order to connect empathically with the viewer. This penetrates the feelings of hostility or intimidation surrounding religion within our modern culture by reaching across divided perspectives.


I believe we are all born with creative abilities. Art isn’t just something I choose to do but rather it is who I am. I am excited to be going on to study fine art at University later this year. I have planned an ‘art trip’ to Italy this summer with friends and eventually hope to achieve my childhood dream of becoming an art teacher!”

Join us tomorrow (Friday 19 April) for our 2024 Senior Art Exhibition from 5pm-7pm. Please note, parents are to purchase free tickets via the Parents Digest.

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