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GWC partners with The Edinburgh Remakery

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Do you have a drawer full of old laptops, tablets/iPads, cables and smartphones that you want to dispose of sustainably and securely? Perhaps you even have an old DSLR camera you are not using anymore.

We have the solution for you! 

GWC has joined forces with the Edinburgh Remakery to provide a Tech Donation Box (located in the Galleon, by Chirnsides until the February Half Term) which will help you clear some much needed space all the while helping the environment by avoiding landfill and pulling people out of digital poverty.

Your old devices will go to their repair facility where they will be securely wiped, refurbished and reused. A portion of all the devices that are donated and successfully repaired are also given away for free to members of our community who are facing financial hardship and suffering from digital poverty and social isolation.

Watson’s Director of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability, Emilie Robinson said:

"We are really pleased to be partnering with The Edinburgh Remakery to help lift people out of digital poverty alongside doing something positive for the planet by contributing to the circular economy. If you're anything like me, you've got a whole bunch of old devices gathering dust in some drawer and this both takes them off your hands sustainably and securely, but most importantly, helps people in the city who struggle to access technology. Just imagine being unable to access the internet on a daily basis - it would be isolating and deeply frustrating. Our Tech Donation Box will hopefully make a huge difference!"

Our Techbox is a fantastic initiative, reaffirming our ethos as an economical, sustainable school. 

For more information, please contact Mrs Robinson.

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