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GWC awarded DofE social value certificate

Duke of Edinburgh Award Social Hours

We are pleased to share that GWC has been presented with a social value certificate from The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

Between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021 our pupils dedicated 3,953 hours to volunteering, which equates to a social value of  £17,981.60. 

Jane Graham, Director of DofE at Watson’s, said: “The amount pupils contribute in terms of social value is commendable and we are all very proud of the contribution made.

“The social value certificate is to recognise the fantastic work DofE participants do, both in and for their communities. It gives a monetary value to participants’ efforts towards the Volunteering, Physical, and Skills sections of their DofE award.

“Activities pupils have done include litter picking in the Pentlands, on the canal and in their local areas. 

“Phoning and shopping for elderly people and people who were self-isolating, some of these activities continued after the lockdown was lifted. Conservation is also another area our pupils do a lot of volunteering for.

“Pupils adapted to the lockdown by finding innovative and new ways to help their local communities.”

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