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Feel Good February 2024

Alpaca Walks

In the run up to the February break, pupils at Watson’s were treated to one of the most annually anticipated weeks of the school year; Feel Good February. In this article, S6 Journalist, Josh reports on the event, discussing why it plays such an important part in pupils’ wellbeing at school.

Climbing Wall

Often touted by both staff and pupils as a highlight of the year, Feel Good February provides all pupils - myself included - with an opportunity to enjoy themselves and de-stress after the exhausting new year’s term. The week, which offers a litany of genuinely excellent activities was, as ever, enjoyed by all.

The Feel Good February opportunities range widely from the always popular climbing wall - allowing our pupils to engage in exciting activities beyond the social spaces of the school - to the Therapets and Alpaca Walking, which furnished those who participated with some of that aforementioned de-stressing in the run-up to the February break.

When asked his thoughts on the week, Martin (S6) summarised his, and by extension the school’s excitement for Feel Good February:

“It’s really been a whole lot of fun. Walking the alpacas this year was such a rare experience, and of course the climbing wall was also a load of fun, as usual.”

FGF Birds

At Watson’s, the mental health of pupils is equally as important as the activities open to them which is why Feel Good February has such a key focus on mental health and wellbeing. Activities involving animals (Therapets, Alpacas and the Mini Zoo) regularly prove the importance of this focus through sheer popularity.

Ron (S6) believes that Feel Good February can be exceptionally beneficial to older pupils:

“It really boosts the whole mood of the senior school. A lot of us who take Advanced Higher Maths are so stressed after their prelims and [Feel Good February] lets us all calm down and start focusing on life again.”

Within the context of the academic session, the placement of Feel Good February lining up with the second week after prelims is no small coincidence. As evidenced by Ron, many pupils in their senior years at Watson’s were able to seize this opportunity and really make a sizable step towards winding down for the half term after one of the most overwhelming periods of the year.


Overall, Feel Good February 2024 has proved to be the best one yet, with record attendance across all activities and glowing smiles all round. It is certain that Watson’s pupils will be waiting on the edge of their seats for the imminent arrival of the next Feel Good February in 2025. While we express our gratitude to the organisers who put in much time, effort and enthusiasm to make this year’s Feel Good February the best it can be, we hope that next year’s event may (somehow!) be even better.