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Club of the Month: Rising Tide

Rising Tide
  • Senior School

Rising Tide began back in September 2022 as a group of girls participating in a virtual conference about gender inequality. The conference made clear the extent of what was happening in society - the injustice, the pain, the distress of both men and women at the hands of gender inequality.

The group felt inclined to make a change and not simply ‘move on’ after one conference. They decided to create a club, one that would attempt to fight the many issues that had been brought up in the conference, including sexual assault, rape, stereotyping and more. It was vital that the group did not focus solely on women’s struggles, but also advocated for true gender parity. As such, Rising Tide was born and the fight for social justice had begun. 

We caught up with a few members of the group to hear what they had to say about what gender equality means to them:

Lina (S6):

Growing up I proudly called myself a feminist even when I didn’t really understand what it meant. I have always been surrounded by strong independent women who made me want to strive to be the same. To me, gender equality means allowing everyone access to the resources, opportunities and social acceptance to be the most powerful version of themselves.

Recently, so many vital rights have been violated which only pushes us further and further from gender equality. My idea of gender equality supports men being vulnerable, women having the right to abortion, trans people having access to gender affirming healthcare and so much more.

Working with Rising Tide has been so wonderful for me in my last year and I only hope the change they are making will grow in the years to come.

Sofya (S2):

At first, I never called myself a feminist, yet I noticed horrific acts on both sides surrounding sexism and wanted to help. In fact, I was a feminist without realising because I was never around individuals who actively wanted to ‘fight’.

As I grew up, I found a community of people striving for bettering society, and truly became what I always was and wanted to be: a feminist, making change. While it has never been an easy journey, there has always been a clear vision in my mind that guides me, advocating for a world where women aren’t raped every day, where men’s suicide rates fall, where the gender pay gap is finally equal, where abortion is legal, where menstruation isn’t something to be hidden away and where gender stereotypes don’t surround and control everyone.

I want to inform, and help others see the important issues facing us as adolescents and adults in the future. Above all, I find learning and teaching about intersectional feminism vital. That, and everything else I’ve mentioned is what I want to continue growing with Rising Tide.

Lucy (S2):  

Much like Sofya, I never called myself a feminist at first but as I became more aware of what was happening around me (to women of all ages), I was shocked and horrified.

Initially, I didn’t quite know what a feminist was, all I knew was that we had to stop what was happening - it must have an end.

When I decided to attend Rising Tide, it soon became clear to me that I was, indeed, a feminist. Not just that, I am a proud feminist - one who wants to continue to surround herself with strong women who share the same point of view and desire to change what is happening.

I am so grateful that I have been able to become a part of the amazing Rising Tide group and I will continue to support the club for as long as I can. 

Freya (S2): 

Similar to Lina, I have called myself a feminist from the day that I knew what it was.

Growing up in the Bay area, feminism was often brought up and discussed, leading to a thorough understanding (at quite a young age). I was always aware of the challenges faced by women around the world but I didn't realise how it would connect to my life. That soon changed after I learned what was happening to the women around me, as well as some personal experiences. I knew that I had to do something.

With information from my friends, I decided to join Rising Tide which made me even prouder to be a feminist.

Gender equality is crucial and I am proud to be an activist for a fairer, better society. To me, it means that:

  • I would get the same opportunities as my male peers 

  • That women around the world would be able to feel safe in school, the workplace or just out and about

  • We, as women, would not have to worry about having access to an abortion, nor would we feel ashamed to have a menstrual cycle, which is, after all, a completely natural process that happens to over half the population. 

With Rising Tide, I feel closer to achieving these goals which is why I will continue to support the group until the end of my time at school.

Rising Tide is not restricted to hearing from women only. The club encourages male influences within the school community to get involved, helping further discussions on how harmful stereotypes can affect men. Rising Tide is keen to welcome new members, of all gender identities and offers a platform for pupils to have their say in a safe and supported environment. 

Lina (S6)

As Lina nears the end of her final year, she reflects on her experiences with Rising Tide, explaining what prospective members can expect from the club, should they wish to sign up:

"The group currently meets bi-weekly to discuss different issues at each session. Recently, these have included misogynistic narratives, the rise of Andrew Tate-like figures and intersectional feminism. We have always been discussion-based because it is important to us to provide a safe space where everyone can share their experiences. We aim to make real positive changes within the school and the general community and welcome any pupils who want to use their voice to make a difference."

For more information on joining the Rising Tide movement, please contact our Director of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability, Mrs Emilie Robinson.