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Celebrating Young Artists - The Final Exhibition 2024

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Following our Private View in the Art School on Friday 19 April, S6 Journalist, Ruby reports on the Exhibition, noting how important the event is for pupils; especially our S6s:

The Summer Term has officially begun, and what better way to mark it than with the annual Senior School Art Exhibition.

After a long year of dedication, (and what felt like no time at all!) the portfolios were ready to submit. 

The vast collection that went on display for Friday’s Private View was unmatched, ranging from National 5 projects, all the way to Advanced Higher. The opportunity to express creativity is limitless, with each pupil having complete freedom in regards to their individual projects. 

Within the Exhibition, there was an array of art, including design pieces, ranging from fashion to graphic design, as well as expressive works, such as portraiture and still life. Additionally, the moments captured by Higher photographers were also on show. Each project allowed the viewer to contemplate and observe elements of our world, with themes pinpointing aspects of physical and theoretical life.  

However, this celebration of achievement goes beyond the final product of each artist. It recognises the effort put in across the academic year - the late nights and hours upon hours working in the department. None of which would have been possible without the unwavering attention and support from all the incredible art teachers. 

Overall, the 2024 Art Exhibition was a very special one, marking the end of Mr Adair’s ‘reign’ within the department. He has encouraged pupils, cracked jokes to get them through the long days and we are all eternally grateful for all his encouragement throughout the process. Although we are all incredibly sad to see him go, we wish him the very best for his retirement. 

Acknowledging this year's Artist in Residence

Pallavi Devkota is an Edinburgh-based artist who works conceptually across print and digital mediums. Dialectics between the outside and inside, sovereignty and heterogeneity, are themes that drive her practice and since September 2023, she has been Watsons’ Artist in Residence:


"As this year's Artist in Residence, I have set up my studio in the school's Art Department. I've also been assisting in classes and the department’s three print studios, which include the historic Eagle Press. It's been a pleasure, given my background in Printmaking and having trained within the Fine Art Printmaking Department at the University of Brighton.


Earlier this year, while cleaning up one of the print rooms, I stumbled upon a stash of copper halftone and block prints. These prints were used for the school’s publications from the 1900s-1950s and have remained largely untouched. Since then, I've been developing my work around this find, connecting it to existing discourse generated by the students and the school’s archival department, which expands on the institution's ties to larger social and economic forces that shaped Edinburgh’s history.


Many of these blocks have deteriorated over time and use, along with the traces of people, places, and events they once documented. In the end-of-year exhibition, these blocks are exhibited alongside my print responses. My residency continues until the end of the year.

Now that I have spent a couple of years since my degree working as a resident artist in various institutions, I intend to consolidate my research and pursue a master's degree."

Our Prize Winners for the 2023/2024 Academic Session:

Prizes Awarded During Graduation

S6 The Phyllis Hodges Prize for Excellence in Art - Roselle 

S6 The Phyllis Hodges Prize for Excellence in Design - Ruby

S5 The John Gray Memorial Prize for Art - Olivia 

S4 The Fourth Form Prize for Art - Maya

S6 Iain Cook Award for Photography - Amalia

S6 ColArt Prize - Amelie

Best Pencil Portrait - Alex 

Prizes Awarded During Trophies Assembly

S6 Expressive - Best in Exhibition - Jessica

S6 Design - Best in Exhibition - Molly

S6 Innovative Use of Technology in Art - Katy

S5 Expressive - Best in Exhibition - Jake

S5 Design - Best in Exhibition - Hannah

S4 Design - Best in Exhibition - Cora

S4 Expressive - Best in Exhibition - Iona

S6 Photography - Best in Exhibition - Rachel On Friday our Senior Art Exhibition took place, showcasing the brilliant work of our pupils studying Photography, Expressive Art, Design (Fashion) and Art & Design 🧑‍🎨 Thank you to everyone who came along to this year’s Private View in our Art School 🖼️ #AimHigh ♬ The Art Of Letting Go - Neon Dreams & Matthew Mole
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