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Business Breakfast inspires young entrepreneurs

Dr Dr Rabinder Buttar with School Captains and Principal, Melvyn Roffe at the 2021 Business Breakfast

On Wednesday 27 October, Dr Rabinder Buttar, President, CEO & Founder of Clintec International Ltd spoke at our annual Business Breakfast. 

This was the school’s first hybrid event where pupils, staff and business leaders came together in person and online. 

Reflecting on the event S6 pupil, Yu Cheng Xun wrote: 

The business breakfast was absolutely amazing. Dr Buttar was incredibly inspiring, she helped me to broaden my horizons, and as she puts it: “Reach for the stars, but keep both feet on the ground”. 

At the start of her speech, she led us on a journey throughout her life, she told us about her studies, her family and what ultimately led to her decision to create her now wonderful and helpful business.

We learned just how much work she had to put in, just how many sacrifices she had to make and endure to try and reach her final goal. These sacrifices included not only giving up her stable source of income, but also putting her entire future, her family’s future as well as their livelihoods at stake. However, she pushed on showing us how she gathered her team, picking those with passion and a wide diversity of skills.

Dr Buttar showed us how, with her team’s help, she was able to found the successful, international company she has today. Near the end of her speech, Dr Buttar told us her recipe for success, she gave us tips such as “Be passionate about what you do” and my new motto “Reach for the stars, but keep both feet on the ground”.

Her speech not only inspired me, but everyone else in the room too. Dr Buttar is a shining role model to young entrepreneurs like myself. At the end of her speech we were allowed to ask questions. I learned some more tips like finding niche genres in which you can pull ahead of the competition. The Business Breakfast was truly an amazing opportunity and I am very glad to have taken part in it.

Yu Cheng Xun (S6)

The event is available to view on demand via GWC Plus. 

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