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Breaking Free & Making A Difference 

PJ Day S6
  • Senior School

This week marked our S6s last official week in school before commencing exam leave. As per tradition, on Wednesday, all members of the year group were invited to swap their maroon blazers for their pyjamas in a bid to raise as much money as possible for their chosen charity.

S6 Journalist, Fay reports on the event, explaining what makes the iconic day so special:

S6, usually clad in uniforms, broke free from tradition on the 17 April, flooding the corridors in a riot of pyjamas, relishing the chance to flaunt their individuality for the first time since Charities Day. 

From fluffy slippers to outrageous onesies and even daring nightgowns, S6 Pyjama Day is not merely an event; it's a legendary spectacle eagerly anticipated throughout the year, in celebration of the last few days of school. It acts as a chance to have fun before the stress of exams set in and also celebrates our many years at Watson’s - what better way of marking such a milestone than wearing our chosen sleepwear? 

A time-honoured tradition eagerly awaited by younger pupils in the senior school, Pyjama Day is a glimpse into their own future when they, too, will be in the shoes of the current leavers. 

Although Pyjama Day has regrettably come to a close, its impact lingers like the faint scent of fabric softener. This wonderful tradition is not only for fun - it is about giving back. This year, the chosen charity was Sporting Start, an organisation which enables young people in Edinburgh and the Lothians to experience and enjoy sport regardless of financial (and other) barriers. As a year group, S6 raised a total of over £700, proving that this event not only spreads joy around Watson’s, but goes far beyond, reaching those in need. 

So here’s to Pyjama Day, a celebration of comfort, fun, and the pursuit of fundraising, where even the snuggest of attire can make a world of difference.