MUN Success

MUN Success

Published on 17 November 2018

On Friday 16 November, 15 of our GWC MUNers set off to North Berwick High School for a day of discussion and debate. Split into the three delegations of France, Ghana and the UK, we represented a wide range of international perspectives.

The morning was comprised of committee sessions – the topics discussed were greatly varied, ranging from combatting online radicalisation to stabilising the nation of Yemen. Fruitful discussions were had and, following negotiation and compromise, a selection resolutions were passed. Our delegates were met with much success in their individual committees.

In the afternoon, all 180 of the conference’s delegates gathered in the main hall to respond to a hypothetical crisis – a tsunami that had affected a significant portion of the Western world, disrupting the delicate balance of power within the UN.

Ultimately, the day saw success for all participating GWC delegates, regardless of whether or not they won awards. It was the first ever conference for many, and a highly successful start to promising MUN careers.

Outstanding Delegates – Lachlan White (S5) and Angus Gibson (S2)
Highly Commended –  Adam Mallis (S6)
Best Delegation – Adam Mallis, Trudy Ross, Niki Saberi-Oskoui (all S6) and Lachlan White (S5)