GWC Skiing Team Wins in Glasgow

GWC Skiing Team Wins in Glasgow

Published on 6 March 2019

Our skiing teams celebrated great results on Tuesday at the Scottish Schools' Snowsport Association Green Mountain race, held at the indoor snow slope at Braehead in Glasgow.

The team had a very successful day:

  • Fastest Boy S1-S3: Jamie Anderson (S3)
  • Fastest Girl S1 -S3: Sophie Anderson (S2)
  • Fastest Girl S4-S6: Jemma Clarke (S6)
  • Second fastest Girl S4-S6: Eilidh Skinner (S6)
  • Third fastest boy S4-S6: William Dalziel (S6)

These results meant that our team A (Jamie, Sophie, Jemma, Eilidh and William) won the event overall.