Decisive Rugby Victory in U16 Scottish Schools' Cup Final

Decisive Rugby Victory in U16 Scottish Schools' Cup Final

Published on 7 December 2017

On the Wednesday 6 December, Scotland’s historic BT Murrayfield stadium played host to the U16 Scottish Schools' Cup – with Watson’s securing a win against Stewart’s Melville. There was a huge gathering of cheering supporters for both teams. The supportive chanting from the maroon crowd kept up the team’s morale. Before the match started, pipe bands from both schools played triumphant chords, making the atmosphere even more exciting as supporters waited in anticipation for the kick-off. 

rugby playersThe match started with strong play from Watson’s, with lots of good attempts to score, battling a strong defence. After the first ten minutes of the game the Watson’s team scored their first try, giving them a 5–0 lead after missing the conversion. From then on Watson’s continued to play very well, scoring two more tries. By the end of the first half the score was 19–14 to Watson’s, giving the team the upper hand. 

Scoreboard Ste Melville 19 – George Watson's 64Stewart’s Melville came back fighting at the start of the second half, scoring another try two minutes in. As Stewart’s Melville continued to play well the gaps between scores became smaller and smaller until it was drawn at 19–19. However, the Watson’s team made a strong comeback, scoring frequently and taking the score to 26–19, 33–19 then 38–19. This continued until the last couple minutes of the game, when Watson's scored the try that ended the game at 64–19. 

It was a very intense match and both teams deserve recognition for their excellent play throughout. Angus Hoffie (S4) was awarded 'Man of the Match'. For spectators the game was gripping and all those involved should be very proud. 

Ellen Reynolds (S5)