Calais for CAS (Creativity, Action and Service)

Calais for CAS (Creativity, Action and Service)

Published on 1 December 2017

As part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme pupils participate in an element of service. Two of our S6 pupils, Annie Pritchett-Brown and Zoe Arlidge-Lyon travelled to Calais in the October half term holiday to volunteer at a warehouse for the charity Help Refugees.

Before leaving, they raised funds for their trip and donations for the refugees through a bake sale in the local neighbourhood. In addition, a material donation collection at School saw them receive 25 bin bags full of clothes and toiletries as well as a large number of disused DofE tents.

In Calais, the girls were part of a team of volunteers helping to sort up to 10,000 material donations a week, as well as serving the 3,000 meals that are distributed every day to the estimated 2,500 refugees in Northern France.

The girls had this to say about their experience, "Volunteering in the Help Refugees warehouse and Refugee Community Kitchen was an extremely eye-opening experience. We didn’t realise until we arrived in Calais how crucial the charity is in providing humanitarian care to the refugees, essentially keeping them alive. After the Jungle camp was demolished in 2016 many refugees were forced to live rough on the streets of Calais. Arriving a year after the eviction, there were still far too many people on the streets. Our experience has shown us the huge difference between simply putting money in a box and directly helping people in need."