Building a Masterclass in Construction

Building a Masterclass in Construction

Published on 15 October 2018

Some of our Senior School pupils are part of a 'construction masterclass' project, organised by the Careers department and in partnership with Mr David Hood, who is in charge of managing the Junior School development site.

The project involves a series of masterclasses delivered by Mr Hood and a team of experts associated with the Junior School construction (architects, designers, project managers, etc), combined with visits to the site at key stages of its development.

The first visit to the site was made before the October half-term holiday, to view the metallic frame now in place after months of preparations. Pupils also had a look inside to compare the current pupil toilets with the new ones upstairs. It was enlightening to see how much thought about use and functionality went into every single aspect of the development.

Needless to say everyone is excited for the next site visit (especially in their stylish construction gear!). The next masterclass session will run after half term and new pupils will be allowed to join in even if they missed the first sessions.