The School Hymn

The School Hymn was written for George Watson’s Ladies' College by its then Headmistress Dr Charlotte Ainslie OBE. It was adopted as the Hymn for George Watson’s College on the merger of the Ladies’ College and the Boys’ College in 1974–1976.

Ex Corde Caritas

GOD of our Youth, Creator, Friend,
Accept the praise we bring to-day;
Thy pillared flame and moving cloud
Have marked for us the unknown way;
Let courage still our steps attend,
And love enfold us to the end.

Steadfast, united, may we stand,
To right the wrong, to conquer sin;
Nor fail through quest of selfish ends
The nobler victory to win –
Rejoicing in another's good,
With generous glow of brotherhood.

Guard those who own in lands afar
The common tie that makes us one;
May they the heavenly wisdom find,
The race decreed with patience run,
And gentle both in thought and deed,
Bring succour to another's need.

God of our life, no gifts we crave
Of fleeting wealth or idle fame,
No angel tongues with clarion note,
Nor palms that crown the martyr's shame;
Fill Thou the hearts we lift to Thee,
With quenchless fire of charity.

Music by Dr W B Ross, Words by Dr C E Ainslie