Fitness Classes

Adult Classes

Open to members (16 or over) (subject to availability).

Due to the ongoing government guidance,  classes will remain online  or outdoors on the front pitch of the campus at present.

Classes can be booked one week in advance via the Mywellness App, at The Galleon reception or over the phone (0131 446 6066).

Galleon Members can attend classes free of charge. 

Until otherwise advertised, non-members will not be allowed to access the classes due to the limited number of spaces available.

Online Timetable (Until 23 May)

A copy of the current online Fitness Timetable can be found here

In-house Fitness Timetable (From 24 May)

Click here to download your copy of the timetable

7.15am–7.45am Spin Blast Gym 2 (Team Member)
6.00pm–7.00pm Body Pump Gym 3 (Rebecca)
7.00pm-7.30pm Abs Blast Gym 2 (Laila)
7.00pm–8.00pm Pilates Gym 1 (Magda)
6.00pm–6.45pm Spinning Gym 1 (Kel)
6.00pm-6.45pm Full Body Conditioning Gym 2 (Laila)
7.00pm–7.45pm Spinning Gym 1 (Kel)
7.15pm–8.15pm Online Pilates Online (Lisa)
6.00pm–6.45pm Boxing Fitness Gym 1 (Hin Ho)
6.00pm–7.00pm Body Pump Gym 3 (Fiona)
7.00pm–7.30pm Kettlebell Blast Gym 2 (Hin Ho)
7.00pm–8.00pm Yoga Gym 1(Katie)
6.00pm-6.45pm Mindfulness Classroom (Hin Ho)
6.00pm-6.45pm Spin Hiit Gym 1 (Tracey)
6.45pm–7.45pm Pilates Gym 3 (Nathalie)
7.00pm–7.45pm Hiit Circuits Gym 1 (Kel)
7.15am–8.00am Yoga Gym 2 (Sophie)
9.30am–10.15am Body Blast Sports Hall 1 (Kel)
10.30am–11.15am Spinning Gym 2 (Kel)
10.00am–11.00am Yoga Gym 3 (Katie)
11.00am-11.45pm Tai Chi Gym 1 (Hin Ho)

Class Descriptions

Body Blast Ultimate Circuit Training.
Body Pump Weight training session using bars and weights to promote a lean and toned body.
HIIT Circuits A high intensity workout using different exercises with differing time intervals and rest periods. Suitable for all levels.
Core Workout Core workout class uses your body weight, resistance bands and weights to tighten and tone your whole body. the exercises are designed to improve your functional strength, mobility and help prevent injury.
Kettlebells  Kettlebells offer a different kind of training using dynamic moves targeting almost every aspect of fitness – endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio endurance.
Pilates Align, stabilise, and challenge the deep core muscles for a healthier back, using safe-spine training principles. Mixed level class, not suitable for complete beginners. If you are a beginner please contact reception for more information on accessing Pilates at Galleon.
Spin Blast A 30-minute high intensity, indoor cycling workout to burn calories and keep burning after you finish.
Spinning A fun, athletic, cardiovascular cycling workout that guarantees to leave you on a high and wanting more.
Stretch Release A class that aids posture, mobility, and prevention of injury.
TRX TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.
Yoga Linking movement with breath to make more space and openness in the body and cultivate a feeling of calm in the mind. A playful class inspired by freedom of movement that focuses on building strength and flexibility. Open to all levels and abilities.
Tai Chi Tai Chi involves a series of movements performed in a slow focussed manner and accompanied by deep breathing