About Us

Our Mission, our Motto, our Values and our Objectives

Our Mission

At George Watson’s College, we aim to provide a world class education for children and young people from Preschool to S6. We encourage our pupils to develop a love of real learning through an inspiring curriculum and an extensive and inclusive enrichment programme.

We challenge and support our pupils to discover their own limitless potential. We nurture the knowledge, skills and confidence they will need to become engaged and successful citizens and make their own unique contribution to the world. We are proud of our heritage and passionate about our plans for the future.

Our Motto

Ex Corde Caritas: Love From The Heart

Challenge Yourself; Care for Others

Our Values

Our values sit at the heart of our school. They are who we are. They are what we do. They are the standard we set to measure ourselves and the contribution we make to the strength of our community.

Our Values

  • Aim High: We challenge ourselves and encourage excellence
  • Be Kind: We support each other to be confident, engaged and ambitious
  • Join In: We create a diverse range of opportunities and enjoy the freedom to discover who we really are
  • Respect All: We care for others in an environment where all of our voices are valued and respected

In the coming decade, we will focus our efforts to be true to our mission and values and to be recognised both for the excellence of the education we offer and the distinctiveness of our approach. 

Our Objectives

Our Future is George Watson’s College Strategy to 2023, our three key objectives are:

  • To deliver our educational vision
  • To sustain a sound business model
  • To grow our outreach and partnerships


Project 810

At least 810 Watsonians lost their lives in the wars of the 20th century. Project 810 seeks to honour their sacrifice by ensuring that our school community does all it can to address causes of conflict in the world and make a difference so we can build a fairer, sustainable, and kinder world.

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Project 810

Our Future

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