Learning and Teaching

Group of pupils taking part in Enterprise DayLearning and Teaching, using all the resources available to our children and harnessing the use of technology, is at the heart of all we do at Watson's.

We believe that Literacy and Numeracy are vital core skills that underpin pupils' learning at every age and stage across the curriculum. They are also life skills that the pupils will use in their further education, their careers, and in many everyday situations throughout their adult lives.

The development of these important core skills is a shared, cross-curricular responsibility.

We are committed to developing a curriculum appropriate to each of our pupils. At the heart of this is the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom.

However, it is also important that we prepare pupils for the increased independence they will require after school. A programme of study skills encourages independent thought and enquiry. Throughout their time at Watson's, pupils make confident use of our outstanding IT facilities and our Library.

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