Primary 3

Building electrical circuitsBy Primary 3, children have developed a basic understanding in the three pillars of the curriculum (Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing) and these skills are thoroughly consolidated. 

With children’s increasing independence and developing core skills, interdisciplinary learning is used to a greater extent to explore and experience a wide range of topics.

Part way through the year, as a celebration of advancing skills, and to develop a sense of global citizenship, Primary 3 classes undertake a Christmas Enterprise project. The children design, market and sell goods to raise money for a charity they have chosen themselves.

Primary 3 brings with it greater responsibility, with a variety of roles within the Lower Primary that encourage Primary 3 pupils to support the younger children and play a lead role in the development of the School.  As the pupils are now more confident with the physical environment, the curriculum widens to encompass French, swimming and choir.

As a finale to their Lower Primary experience, all pupils in Primary 3 collaborate to perform a musical.  This is a wonderful opportunity to work together as a year group, and new friendships can be forged.



Primary 3 Curriculum Information for Parents

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