Frequently Asked Questions About Help With Paying Fees

What help is available for children new to the School?

Through the George Watson's Family Foundation, means tested financial support is offered to families of children in P7 to S6 who, at the time of their child’s entrance to the School, are unable to fund the tuition fees. Support is given in the form of a discount on fees, referred to as a Foundation Award.

What help is available for children who are already in the School?

The Foundation's Short-term Support Fund provides help to families of pupils already in the School, irrespective of year group, who have experienced a substantial reduction in family income, for example due to the death of a parent, redundancy or business failure. This is usually granted for the current school year only and depends on the availability of funds. If the family’s financial position does not improve they may be eligible for longer term assistance through the normal means testing process.

Is help available for additional costs such as school uniform, lunches and trips?

For pupils in receipt of financial assistance, help may also be given towards the cost of school uniform, books, school lunches and certain curricular activities such as S3 Projects. The Foundation is unable to provide any assistance towards the cost of extra-curricular activities, music lessons or school trips.

What will I have to pay towards school fees?

The School will calculate the amount you will have to pay towards school fees based on an assessment of your family’s financial situation, including capital, savings and total family income. Total family income includes the total gross income from all sources for both parents and any unearned income of their dependent children. It does not include child benefit or disability allowances.

What information will I need to provide?

Parents will be required to submit an application form together with documentary evidence of their capital, savings and income (payslips and P60s for employment, accounts and tax return for self employment). On-going awards are reassessed each year based on updated financial information and documentary evidence.

What level of financial support is available?

The School Governing Council sets the total amount available for help with paying fees as part of the annual budget and fee setting process. The level of each individual award is set by reference to a sliding scale. As a guide, 100% awards are available where total family income is below £15,000 per annum and it is unlikely that an award will be given where total family income exceeds £60,000.

What if I have more than one child?

Providing the School has offered a place and there are sufficient funds available, the same level of award is normally given to siblings entering the School in P7 upwards.

What about divorced or separated parents?

Where the separation or divorce is settled before the application for a place at the School, the financial assessment will normally be based on the parent who has custody of the child and his or her partner or spouse with any maintenance, paid by the absent parent, included in family income. Where the separation or divorce occurs after the application for a place at the School, the assessment will normally be based on the financial circumstances of both parents and may also take account of any new resident partners.

How do I apply for a Foundation Award?

To apply for an on-going award at the time of entrance to the School, tick the 'Financial Assistance' box on the admissions application form. The application for fees assistance will be dealt with confidentially and separately from the decision as to whether to offer a place at the School.

How do I apply for short-term help?

If you are a current parent whose financial circumstances have changed you should contact the Foundation Award Manager who will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the circumstances.

How is my application processed?

All applications for help with fees are dealt with confidentially by the Foundation Award Manager and are at the discretion of the Trustees of the George Watson's Family Foundation.

Will my child know that he/she has received an award?

Pupils will not be made aware that they benefit from a Foundation Award unless informed by their parent.

Can I get further information and advice on obtaining help?

For further information or individual advice, please contact the Foundation Award Manager who will be happy to explain any part of the process.



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